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Major of Policy Science

A major of policy science in Chunma Honors School was established in 2009 with the purpose of educating and training talented students and making them Y-type human beings. A Y-type person is defined as a competent man or woman who act as a leader in fulfilling one of the goal of Yeungnam University and also play a central role in the future knowledge-based society.

All students selected on a 4-year scholarship work for becoming global leaders by preparing the Higher Civil Service Examinations for high ranking public officers, studying to obtain professional certificates such as CPA or setting goals to gain positions in public enterprises, major private companies, or financial firms. Some students obtain higher or special degrees by entering a professional graduate school such as law school.

A major of policy science consists of three major tracks. The freshman during first semester are advised to set their own goals through in depth interviews and communication with professors. Then, the students with the same tracks are grouped together into one of the three following tracks: (1) Law school track, (2) the Higher Civil Service Examination track, and (3) CPA track. An advisor is assigned to each study group not only to assist the students to perform their best in achieving their goals but also to motivate them in cultivating a good personality. Students are trained to be global leaders and become a YU’s graduates who are currently serving leader roles in our country as congressman, lawyers, high ranking officers, and accountants, to name a few.

The knowledge-based society which is the major features of 21st century requires extremely competent and capable people to play a role in leading the society. If your goal is to become a competent global leader, do not miss this opportunity to receive the benefits and privileges offered through major of policy science Chunma Honors School. Become one of the main players in our future society!

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Major of Policy Science

Students of policy science choose one track out of three major tracks after first semester. Three major tracks are law school, civil serive examination and CPA. If students successfully achieve their goal in one of the tracks, students can become a lawyer, judge, high ranking officers or accountants etc. Students also get a job in public enterprises or major private companies by entering other two supplementary tracks.