Research Programs

Institute of Humanities

Institute of Humanities was established in March, 1981 by merging three Institutes : Center for Oriental Studies (founded in May, 1959), Research Center for Korean-Japan Relations (founded in July, 1969), and Center for American Studies (founded in December, 1970). It intends to inspire the understandings and cultural development among people through scientific research and studies of human science.

The Institute is divided into the study fields of language, literature, history, philosophy, and socio-culture according to the majoring fields of its members. The members of the Institutes consist of any lecturers and professors who have a Ph. D. degree in the field of the humanities.

The Institute has published The Journal of the Humanities semiannually and two books in a Series of the Humanities a year since its foundation. It has held monthly seminars, special lectures and domestic or international conferences two or three times a year. It also supports the scientific research or workshops in the field of the humanities. It cooperates with other research institutes and organizations for scientific research.