Research Programs

Institute of Solar Energy

The Solar Energy Research Institute(SERI) was founded on 2001 as a sub-center of The Institute of cleaner Production Technology in Yeungnam Univ. In 2008 this Institute was founded as one of major Research Institute which is supported by Yeungnam University.

The SERI have several research divisions, named Solar Cell Industry technologies, Future Technologies in Photovoltaics, Research for efficient usage of Solar Energy, Co-operative usage of energy system of solar thermal recovery and power generation, Solar Energy economics and Zero Energy Building system. 
Based on high level technologies by over 40 professor members, We are supporting the Industry and regional government. 
Daegu and GyeongBuk province in Korea have many projects about clean Energy including Solar Energy and we're also doing our roll of knowledge tank for regional government.

For successful activity of Research Institute, we also have international co-op Network with NREL(National Renewable Energy Lab) in USA, FSEC(Florida Solar Energy Center) in USA, AIST(Advanced Institute of Science and Tech.) in Japan and several companies in German, USA and China. We also have a connection with major domestic research Institutes for Co-operative researches.

Recently, we're also selected on a RIC(Regional Innovation Center) which is supported by Ministry of knowledge and economy. 
Government and this Institute will be a core center for supporting industry related to Solar Energy area.