Research Programs

Regional Regeneration Research Institute

The Regional Regeneration Research Institute was established to minimize urban and regional decline and contribute to sustainable revitalization through interdisciplinary research. This research seeks to identify maintenance techniques to secure anchor and hardware business sustainability in Gyeongbuk Province according to the Urban Regeneration New Deal Policy. The institute also aims to provide integrated support where experts in various fields gather for regional regeneration.

Research Areas (Research Activities)

  1. Urban regeneration policy research project
  2. Urban regeneration wide-area support research project
  3. Rural center activation research project
  4. Regional community competency enhancement research project
  5. Social economy and entrepreneurship revitalization research project
  6. Research project to support local culture tourism and art creativity
  7. Residential and digital welfare research project
  8. 21st century Saemaul Undong research project
  9. Region-based eco-friendly research project
  10. Local regeneration talent cultivation, education, and training business
  11. Consulting business related to urban regeneration and regional activation
  12. Domestic and international exchange and cooperation projects related to urban regeneration and regional activation
  13. Publication business related to urban regeneration and regional activation
  14. Other necessary research